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What we do.

WeFeis is committed to handling your feis registration with the latest technology and staff that understand Irish dancing competitions. 

We are a small company run by Colm Keogh who founded the company during the Covid-19 Pandemic. To this end we will strive to help any new users who may experience difficulty using the site. If you make a mistake and need assistance, please get in touch and we will get you sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don’t attend a feis?

WeFeis refunds are dictated by the Feis organiser. If for any reason you cannot attend a feis, please contact the organiser directly to see if they can accommodate you. Most Feiseanna are run for charity with the organiser and helpers giving freely of their time, so if you can’t make a feis after paying, please know your money is going to a worthy cause.

If you have made a duplicate registration or made an error in your registration, please e mail us on and we can handle your refund.

Why is there a service charge/handling fee?

These charges help us to cover the costs involved in running our website. There are all kinds of things going on in the background – not to mention paying our hardworking staff who keep the cogs turning! The service charge we have is the minimum amount we need to keep everything running professionally and efficiently.

Why are most Feiseanna now pre-entry?

Since the pandemic, most Feiseanna are now pre-entry.

While this is new for some feis goers, it has been normal for many others.

Pre-entry is essential for feis organisers. By having pre-entry it gives the feis organiser an opportunity to issue a realistic timetable and plan budgets. Please note that WeFeis does not draw up timetables for any event

Can I enter two Feiseanna in one order?

Yes, however you must be paying in the same currency. Provincial’s will incur an additional handling fee if purchased with another event.



To date we have received some suggestions, some of which we have adapted. If you would like to send us a suggestion please e mail us on